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Another Bridge…part 2

April 24, 2010

Soon I began to create my own fabric and I started a period that became the basis of my Urban Artifaks/fiber series.  These were loosely based on ancient stonework and other patterns or rhythms I observed and were hugely influenced by a couple cruises we took to Mexico and the Caribbean.  

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The fabric was my take on the way the weather wore through decades and layers of paint.  I dyed, painted, stamped, stenciled, bleached, and any other way I could abuse the fabric in layer after layer of color and pattern-I even used house paint and fingernail polish!

So now, I again stand on one side of a bridge looking at the other side and wondering…I’d like to learn to create collages using paper, fabric, paint, and maybe even encaustic with wax.  I love the complex patterns and depth they can create…like a journey within each composition.

And my mind is churning again…

OK, I’ll shup up now.